Laugh! It’s all good for your health
dia mundial risa


Hearing a laugh will inevitably make us think of funny. The sound of laughter is very much linked to the feeling of happiness, and not only that, but laughing also has many advantages for our health. From physical benefits, to psychological, emotional or even social ones. That is why on World Laughter Day we tell you what a laugh can do for you:

1. Release stress

 If you’re looking for a natural way to relieve stress, then have a good laugh. When we laugh we are reducing the level of stress hormones, such as cortisol and epinephrine, while increasing the level of hormones that improve our health.

2. Increase self-esteem

Laughter also helps us make that connection with others and improve our relationships. If we’re happy, people will automatically think we’re more approachable and we’ll be able to make new friends.

3. Helps to produce endorphins

 The key hormones in the production of happiness, causing a pleasant sensation of well-being and also contributing to diminish the sensations of pain.

4. Relaxes muscles that are under tension

 I’m sure you’ve laughed so hard it’s hurt your guts. That’s because laughter is a good internal training technique. When we laugh we exercise our diaphragm, our abdomen, our respiratory system and even our shoulders. This makes us feel more relaxed and calm after a good laugh.

5. Eliminate negative emotions

 Just by smiling we can improve our mood and our state of mind. Laughter acts as an analgesic, reducing pain, even unconscious pain, and making us a little happier.

6. Increases self-confidence

Confident and confident people are even capable of laughing at themselves. Learning to laugh at yourself helps you to trust yourself. In addition, it also allows you to free yourself from the approval of others, which helps to increase your security and confidence. Start smiling and having fun, you should do it both in your personal life and at work because it is all good for your health, both physically and emotionally.

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